Tis The Season To Be . . . (SAD?)

My favorite holiday is finally around the corner—Christmas.  My Christmas tree and decorations are up, my dogs have their Santa suits ready, and shopping is almost done with. Phew!

For Christmas Eve, I enjoy baking butter cookies, and then my mother and I go to Christmas mass at midnight. When we return, we see if Santa left any presents under the tree.  (Santa always finds out if you have been naughty or nice—just saying!).

My family and I gather around the Christmas tree and fireplace, we watch a holiday movie, sing to some Christmas carols, and enjoy some delicious foods and drink wine.  Then we play Truth or Dare.

The next day, things get a little sad for me again.

Winter always gives me the blues. I am home from college, I have excessively much time in my hands, and I dislike the cold weather.

I used to think something was wrong with me, until I read and learned about (SAD) seasonal affect disorder.

Therefore, here is what I do to beat the winter blues:

  1. I write a lot: I find that writing and tracking my mood really helps. Try the Action for Happiness, science have illustrated that writing three positives a day is linked with, “overall satisfaction with life and helps us have an overall positive outlook.”
  2. I surround myself with positive people: my mom, my friends, and my four-legged friends.  I plan some quality time with people I care about…that always puts a smile on my sad face.
  3. I exercise or plan my days with something that will keep me busy: I set my alarm and plan the day with things that will keep me occupied, even something as simple as re-organizing my desk or my closets. However, if things get too bored, I plan my own karaoke party. Hello? Says, Adele.
  4. I make self-care a priority: Therapy and support groups always seem to help me. However, I always try to never go out of style–– I love wearing my green cotton frog patterned socks and my chic fluffy long-sleeved pink flannel pajamas and watch the show friends.
  5. I try to have some fun: a good hike, ice-skating, and shopping can light up a smile. Alternatively, you can always sing in the shower and dance like no one is watching!

Here are more tips from experts: Help Guide.

I wish it was easier to snap out of the blue phase, but with supportive people, even this lousy season shall pass!

In the meantime, live, love, and laugh!

“Don’t let the pain of one season destroy the joy of all the rest; Don’t judge life by one difficult season.”

– Mariagrazia Buttitta

Copyright © 2016 Embracing Your Differences, All rights reserved. 

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