The #Eye4acure Campaign


In Less than Three Minutes:

  1. Take a selfie wearing sunglasses
  2. Follow us on Instagram at: embracingdifferenceseyeonacure
  3. Upload your selfie on Instagram using the hashtag #eye4acure OR if you don’t have an Instagram account, email selfies to

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 The Inspiration Behind the #eye4acure Campaign

Mariagrazia was born with an eye disorder called cone dystrophy

For years, Mariagrazia has been educating others by sharing her personal experience through presentations, writing, and word of mouth.

Since this eye disorder forces her to always have to wear sunglasses, people are curious, making assumptions, wondering “what is she hiding from?” And by participating in the (#YSS project) you’re helping her tear down those assumptions.

Mariagrazia hopes that by using this social media platform, she can educate more people. She says, “this is more than just following an Instagram account or taking a selfie––it’s about educating the world by raising awareness and celebrating our differences.”

Her dream is to see this campaign make a difference in people’s lives. Mariagrazia hopes that she can someday; inspire many who face their own adversity and challenges.

The #eye4acure is presently seeking corporate partners, including eye-wear manufacturers and retailers, to join her in this awesome campaign.

For more information about how you can help make a difference, e-mail Mariagrazia at: and help her to help others see more clearly!  



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