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Dear, All!

I am excited to share that my memoir, Now I See , is available for order… today. Like, right now (#woot). I’ll be honest: This is pretty big. I’ve been writing, curating, and editing this book for more than two years. I put my all into this book. Absolutely everything. And you’re getting more than a story or a vanity piece with this book—you’re getting a tool to help the people in your world who need hope in their darkest of hours. It was exhausting and wonderful and a once-in-a-lifetime process to produce this book.

Sales matter a ton. They show booksellers and publishers that there is interest in what I have written, and the voice I’ve given to the mentally ill, the disabled, the struggling, and the person in crisis. It would mean the world to me if you would purchase a copy!

With Love,

Mariagrazia Buttitta  

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BY THE TIME native Sicilian Mariagrazia Buttitta turned twenty-six, she’d planned out the perfect life. After finishing her residency in Buongiorno Medical School, she’d be primed for a job at the prestigious Roma Hospital, the first step toward becoming an Italian Dr. Oz. And what life is complete without a handsome prince by her side, gracing the face of Italian People Magazine as one of Italy’s “Most Beautiful Couple”?

Instead, she wakes up to discover a medical diagnosis that leaves her almost completely blind. Her family, frustrated and desperate, seeks medical aid in the United States, but  it comes with a steep price. Along the way, Mariagrazia must battle bullies, an obsessive lover, and her two biggest enemies: anxiety and depression. Tortured by her thoughts, she finds herself toeing the line between life and death, contemplating ending it all. As a last resort, she turns to a childhood diary of poems and creative writing to rediscover herself and the will to live … before it’s too late.

Now I See is a heart-wrenching yet humorous true tale of struggle, survival, amazing grace, unconditional love, and a fresh look at the American Dream. It’s an account of one young woman’s journey overcoming devastating odds while stumbling her way through darkness into light.

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what readers are saying!

“Mariagrazia Buttitta writes a passionate, palpable, powerhouse of a life story. From her vivid descriptions of Italian culture, and food, to her mountain moving poetry, she paves a path to hope. Hope after living with a mental illness, and hope even when sight is taken from her. Mari’ shares colorful memories from her personal diary, and past. She shows the world, I am here, and I am real. She tells us I have mental illness, I am blind, but I will always see. I see you Maria…I see you.” #HopeHelpsHeal #BeHereTomorrow #KeepOnKeepinOn

— Kevin Hines, storyteller, author, advocate, filmmaker, founding partner, CEO:  17th & Montgomery Productions  A Mental Health Media Co. |

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“Disabilities are actually more universal than we realize—we all have them, to one extent or another. Mariagrazia is a testament to the fact that we get to choose whether we become victim to them or not. I believe she actually sees a lot more than we do and we could do well to borrow some from her vision. A must-read.”

—  Kyle Maynard, speaker, best-selling author, ESPY Award-winning mixed martial arts athlete, and first quadruple amputee to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Aconcagua without the aid of prosthetics

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“This book is for anyone who is seeking inspiration, hope, and vision in their life. Her story has touched and inspired countless [people] already but go ahead––see for yourself.”

— Francesca Buttitta, mother, friend, and area sales manager for Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th

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 “A gorgeous memoir … a deeply felt, beautifully expressed, resonant story of tackling multiple obstacles, defying expectations and ultimately thriving with humor, strength and verve.”

Suzanne Bachner, author of the award-winning plays Circle and The Good Adoptee

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 “Now I See shares a moving personal story that touches on so many critical aspects of well-being in the face of adversity. Three qualities resonate throughout Brave Maria’s compelling journey of healing—a spirit to cope, grit, and amazing grace.”

 — Sean Campbell, mental health advocate

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 “Mariagrazia writes a unique and insightful narrative on two stigmatized battles throughout her life. She seeks the truth through her past, strengthens herself with tools from present situations, and finds her voice to give hope in the future. A creative, helpful, and inspiring memoir!”

 — Laurel King, student, tutor, and massage therapist

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Now I See offers a vision of hope and determination in the face of depression and blindness. Mariagrazia Buttitta’s poignant memoir of her life will move and fascinate you, through darkest night and brightest day. Beyond inspiring.”

 — Andrew Simeone, librarian

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