“Mariagrazia approaches her life with courage, optimism, and gratitude. Her focus on the possibilities rather than the limitations in her life is truly inspiring. Maria reminds us that it is okay to feel vulnerable and asking for help is a sign of strength not a weakness. Many of us know this to be true in our heads, but so many of us have difficulty applying this principle to our lives. Maria role models self-compassion and encourages us to be the best version of ourselves.”

Atsuko Seto, Ph.D., LPC., an Associate Professor in the Department of Counselor Education at The College of New Jersey

“Strikingly original and authentically thought-provoking is an apt description of how Mariagrazia Buttitta speaks and writes. Mariagrazia has a remarkable ability to speak in a way that is unforgettable in presentation and richness. I have had the professional opportunity to witness the skillful way Mariagrazia connects with an audience on several occasions. Mariagrazia joined the conversation as a panelist at two distinct college programs entitled: THE HEART OF HEALING in 2012 and HOW TO LIVE YOUR BEST POTENTIAL in 2013 while attending college. The second program was initiated by Mariagrazia and was a vital topic for college students to hear. Maria received rave reviews from the audience for her ability to express a stirring portrait of what students need to know at the heart of their human experience with regard to life’s challenges. The commitment that Mariagrazia brings to an audience is professional, empathic and humorous in very meaningful and gentle ways. Mariagrazia Buttitta is truly gifted.”

— Professor Kathleen Pignatelli. Bergen Community College. Wellness Center Director

“Maria is a terrific writer with the ability to communicate from the heart about the challenges she has faced in her life. As a motivational speaker she connects with her audience with sensitivity, empathy, and a thoughtful sense of humor. Maria is an experienced advocate on the topics of mental health and wellness who inspires others with her authentic style and passion for change.”

Marion Cavallaro, Ph.D., LPC, an Associate Professor Emeritus in Counselor Education at The College of New Jersey

“Mariagrazia was an absolute delight to have as a guest on my podcast www.joinupdots.com. She was full of passion, great stories, and amazing business advice, so its little surprise that she is doing so well in her life, If you are looking for a top guest for your own podcast then I would recommend Mariagrazia 100% David Ralph http://www.joinupdots.com and www.podcastersmastery.com.”

David Ralph Making Business Simple And Fun ★ Author

“Mariagrazia is a talented counselor, author, and motivational speaker. She is a dedicated professional, an asset to the field of counseling, and her sense of humor is contagious. I highly recommend her work!!”

— Corinne Zupko, EdS, MA, BCC, LPC. Award-winning author of “From Anxiety To Love”​

“Selected from 57 students who voluntarily participated in Bergen Community College’s Spring 2011 Speech Competition, Mariagrazia won first place in the public speaking competition for her speech, “Driving into the Future.” Winning the Bergen Community College’s President’s Award in the Fourth Annual Speech Competition on Contemporary Issues was a great honor for Mariagrazia. Mariagrazia returned to Bergen Community College as a disability advocate and delivered a motivational, yet interactive presentation on her story and experiences to Bergen students in the College’s Ciccone Theatre. The audience was engaged in her lecture. Mariagrazia is bright, enthusiastic, has a good sense of humor and has a passion for sharing her story with others.”

Jessica Fargnoli, M.A., Public Information Assistant, Office of Public Relations, and Adjunct Professor, Department of Communication, Bergen Community College

“Mariagrazia brings an energetic passion and precision to everything she approaches. She is resolute in her focus and diligent with her actions. I am inspired by the way she balances her tenacity with such grace, kindness and humility.”

Judy Krause, Actor/Teacher/Freelance Professional

“Your message is one of hope and success. Mariagrazia is truly an inspiration to us all. What a brilliant writer, motivational speaker, counselor, and role-model.”

Beverly A. Mathews (Former) Teacher of The Blind and Visually Impaired–The Commission for The Blind

“Maria is alive to the possibilities of helping others, and second to none in her ambition and thoughtfulness. It’s been a pleasure to know her.”

— Gary C. Woodward. PhD. Professor, Department of Communication Studies at The College of New Jersey

“There are so many good things about Maria (her diligence, her sense of humor, her ability to continue even when she is a bit fearful, her capacity for friendship, her “let’s do it now” attitude), but as her creative writing teacher and mentor, I’d say one of the most remarkable things is that she actually listens to suggestions and, as a result, has become a strong writer in a very short time. What a great student and person! A life-long learner, I’d say. A life-long listener.”

— Lois Marie Harrod, poet, writer and teacher