How Writing Changed My Life 4 the Better

Meme - Maria

I was five years old when my determined self decided to go on an adventure: I took a tall chair and jumped up to see if my hand could reach the journal and pen my Mother always kept in the upper shelf of our kitchen.

At that age, my writing didn’t make much sense, but soon it became a daily habit and a friend that I could rely on forever.

Since then, writing has been an essential part of my life. When life becomes challenging, writing allows me to cope with and process any mixed emotion.

Soon, however, I would have the opportunity to share my story and writing with others.

Approximately three years ago, I was in front of my computer when I saw a Facebook page that caught the corner of my blurry vision. It was entitled, “The Gospel According to Josh” By Josh Rivedal.

My curious self decided to scroll down and see what this page was all about.

I noticed a post titled, “The I’Mpossible Project.” In his post, Josh was seeking ordinary people to write their own inspirational stories of overcoming obstacles in life. I knew I had overcome a great deal in my own life, so I took the opportunity as it came…without even thinking about it from a publishing perspective but rather as a way to share how I overcome my own obstacles.

Being diagnosed with an eye disorder, Cone Dystorphy, had also blinded me from seeing beyond my limitations, and I soon slipped into my own depression and anxiety. I knew this was my chance to share my talent and story with the world. I sat in my chair and began typing away, and who would have thought that those five minutes would forever change my life.

Two years later something magical happened. A book came out with my story in it. All these inspirational stories were gathered and put into one book titled: “The i’Mpossible Project (Volume 1 Reengaging With Life, Creating a New You by: Josh Rivedal & 50 authors (including me).

The book includes authors who share their own inspirational stories of overcoming many life’s challenges.

And now, what started off as a simple blog turned out to be a book that has helped me rediscover myself and has motivated me to want to keep sharing my own writing.

Let’s be realistic, I also needed long term therapy and medication too. However, with the help of my journal, my incredible Mother, my friends, and my four legged friends, life became worth living again!

Writing has given me the power to speak up about issues that matter to me––and I hope that by reading my story and those of the other authors in this incredible book, you too can find your hidden voice and speak up about what matters to you!

To order your copy of “The i’Mpossible Project (Volume 1 Reengaging With Life, Creating a New You) please visit the link below.


“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”

––Gustave Flaubert

~Mariagrazia Buttitta

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