Why I wear my Sunglasses at Night and Indoors; Your Sunglass Selfie Project – #eye4acure


I have heard it all, from trying to act like a movie star, hiding, or just being too cool to care. But unfortunately, life can be cruel and unfair, I am no movie star. I am not trying to hide my gorgeous ocean blue eyes, and no doubt, I look great in my sunglasses…but let’s face it–– I am not trying to act cool either. So then––why do I wear my sunglasses at night and indoors?

It’s called cone dystrophy, and one out of 30,000 people in the U.S. are affected by this eye disorder. The cones are the part of the eye that receives light–in other words, that’s the part of the eye that people use to see things in daylight or artificial light. My cones do not have that ability, so when my eyes are exposed to light, it’s like seeing the world from underwater.

For years, I have educated thousands of people about my eye disorder, but it is still frustrating. I want to speak up and do something that would help me further explain my eye condition. I want to use this amazing platform, called, the web, to educate the world.

So about a few months ago, I decided to launch a web-based advocacy campaign that educates the public about my eye disorder.  I ask people to: 1) follow me on Instagram at embracingdifferenceseyeonacure, 2) take a selfie wearing sunglasses using the hashtag #eye4acure, and lastly, 3) upload your beautiful pictures. You have the option to e-mail your selife(s) to: embracingdiffrences01@gmail.com (if you do not have an Instagram account) or (if you have an Instagram account) you can post it yourself and tag me.

You can also visit my campaign tab to learn more. My Instagram is also linked to my website, so you can also take a look at the amazing pictures people have already posted of themselves wearing sunglasses.

The goal is for people to learn about my eye disorder. In the long run, I hope to reach out to sunglass companies and work with them to further expand this campaign.

I have never seen my blindness as a limitation, and I hope I can teach others to see me for what I have to offer to this world.  My story is a powerful one, and I hope that by setting as example, I can inspire others who face challenges or disabilities to do the same.

I really want to educate the world, but I’ll need your help!

Time to take a selfie! 🙂

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision” ––Helen Keller


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